Amy and Same-y

Two by Two

Two by Two

About a week or so after my sister’s pregnancy was confirmed she got a miscarriage scare. That night when she went to hospital the doctor on duty felt it unnecessary to call in the gynae because he was convinced that she’d miscarried and thought it best that my sister wait it out until the next day instead of wasting her money. Can you believe that a doctor would actually tell a patient that? With her living miles away, in the West Coast, it troubled us because we couldn’t rush to her side. I can’t even tell you how upset we were especially at that doctor and if we felt like that, can you imagine what was going through her mind.

The next morning however she saw the gynae and had an ultrasound done. The image on the screen resembled a little alien face, complete with 2 eyes. Twins! The miscarriage scare was the babies way of telling us “Here are 2 of us so get ready”. Relief washed over all of us and excitement took over. That was almost 2 months down and 7 more to go.

One day we watched some cartoon and it starred a pair of twins named Amy and Same-y. Littlest K immediately took to it and suggested that it would be the perfect names for her cousins. We’ve been having a great laugh and calling them Amy and Same-y even though they’re boys. I even did an experiment and asked them to ‘kick’ when I say those names so I may know who picked which name and believe it or not they humoured me by each responding to a different name. I did this for a while just to be sure and my poor sis couldn’t contain her laughter so it took very long because I’d have to wait on her to settle down everytime. My nephews are already such clever boys. 🙂 They do have names already and I’m simply inlove with it. E1 and E2 it will be. And they’ve picked their names in the womb (by way of my experiment) too so we know who is who. It’s decided. I really do hope that I don’t forget their real names and call them Amy and Same-y because 1) I’m bad with names and 2) those names kind of got stuck in my mind.

When she went for a check up last month the babies were breeched and her gynae warned her that if they didn’t turn on her next visit a C-section would be the order of the day. Last week she went for a check up and found that one of the twinsies (E2) is still in breech position so C-section it will be. Appointment has been set and in less than two weeks I’m going to be an aunt. In real life. I’ve been the only sister with kids for almost 14 years so this is going to be awesome. I’m bubbling over with excitement.

To be fair I must tell you that I am an aunt already, it just doesn’t feel like it sometimes. My niece whom I love to bits, Miss Z, is my sister-by-the-laws child. Because of the strained relationship between us adults, I don’t have that connection or freedom with Miss Z and all communications (like when we want to invite her to spend holidays or weekends at our place) are done via the hubster. It’s sucky because I sometimes find myself having to watch what I say and treat her for the fear of my actions or words being misinterpreted and then if word gets to the mom I’ll be the wicked witch again. Then there are times when I couldn’t care less because whether I do or don’t I’ll be damned. I really can’t pretend or fake all that well with anyone, even with kids. Besides kids can feel when they’re loved and I’ve got lots of love to give so I’m safe I guess. I’m really an OK person and you don’t need to understand me like a Math equation to know this. I’m way too simple for that. 1 + 1 = ME

Maybe I’m getting this all wrong but I already feel there will be a difference between my aunty-dom. It’s my kid sister and the bond between siblings are always that much stronger than with in-laws. Not to mention the fact that it’ll be a double dose of boys which will keep my broodiness at bay. Yes, 3 kids later I still get that. Heaven only knows why. I’ll be living vicariously through my sis and doting on my nephews until they start crying and hand them right back over to their mom and dad. I’ve never been great with crying babies and that’s the stage I’m really at right now.

Maybe once Amy and Same-y are older I’ll get myself a puppy. It feels good to be needed and relied upon since my kids are getting so independent and growing much to fast for my liking.


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