The Things I Say to My GP…

Or a better way?

Or a better way?

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my GP. I love him to bits (in a doctor/patient kind of way) but I hate seeing him because whenever I do it’s when I’ve some kind of health issue.

A few months ago I was in the waiting room and some vasectomy posters got my attention. Upon closer inspection it gave me some chills and I could kind of understand why the mere mention of the word freaks many men out. One of the posters has a flower arrangement that looks like a funeral wreath. If I was a man I’d think it represented the death of my manhood instead of the retirement of the swim team. The others didn’t look too positive either. As I stepped into the doctors chambers I immediately commented on it. I can’t remember my exact words but I do recall telling him about the death penalty of manhood. His response, as usual to any of my comments, was to laugh. He thinks I’m super funny and seems to like my quirkiness. He promised to look at it but also mentioned that could not really do anything about it because he’s advertising it for the doctor who actually performs the procedure. Apparently it’s a very sweet old man.

Upon my next visit my GP told me that he inspected the posters and got what I was telling him. I suggested I’d speak to the other doctor and propose different posters. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no Mrs Know-it-All and I don’t go around criticizing or looking for faults but I do have a keen eye for visuals and also have a bit of marketing sense. Also I’ve been battling with the hubster for years about it and I know about quite a few men who leave contraception up to their wives/partners. I like to share knowledge and give a different perspective. Visuals especially, can create either a positive or negative vibe for the affected person. I don’t think many people understand that. Heck, I do but yet I go posting many of my blogs without images. Blame that one my once ignorant newbie-ness. I’m getting there though.

At the same time I noticed the Men’s Health poster promoting Viagra in the waiting room. This time it was one my GP’s own. I didn’t mention anything immediately but went about searching for images on the interwebs and obviously Pinterest won. People pin the most interesting images. So I used one of the images I found there and created a Viagra poster. Not very original but the text accompanying the image was all mine. Today during yet another visit, I gave him my thoughts, showed him my proposal and emailed him the poster to peruse at his leisure because clearly I can’t be talking posters while everyone wants doctors notes for skipping work on a Friday. Oh and it’s a long weekend too so they have to have it stat. Shame by the looks of the patients that were there, I rushed out in fear of being struck down by flu, again. I don’t do flu well.

Just like that I offered my services to my GP. Look at this Virtual Assistant turn a doctors visit into an impromptu self marketing campaign. I know opportunity won’t come knocking at my door so I’ll make opportunities.

Now to make time to call the Vasectomy doc, introduce myself, explain (in the nicest possible way) the what and why of it and then email him my proposals. I think he’ll love it. It falls in line with his posters but it’s just a bit more ‘case’ sensitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Fingers crossed because my big mouth may just be the cause of shooting myself in the foot or this may turn into a huge success.


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