Declaration of Indepence

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

I remember thinking how I’d never ever (as in forever) eat vegetables again when I’m ‘big’ one day. I’d eat ice cream for breakfast and I’ll never eat pumpkin again because I hated it. As a child that was my declaration of independence. “You have to eat your pumpkin. It will give you nice rosie cheeks.” My mom said. Roughly translated: “Eat it or starve!” Guaranteed with a spanking. I ate it, or more aptly swallowed it without chewing and not allowing it to touch my tongue if I could help it.

But my mom lied! Turns out rosie cheeks come from cosmetic counters at stores. There are so many shades of rosie to choose from, you actually get some that’s more bronzie than rosie so we’re spoilt for choice. To someone reading this post who knows nothing about make up, longer lashes can be bought too. Besides mascara you can get false lashes (which can be tricky to apply the first 10+ times if you’re anything like me) and lash extentions which can be done at a salons.

These days I find myself in the role of entrepreneur establishing myself as a Virtual Assistant. That’s when I’m not a beautician of sorts. I’ve always wanted to be one but it was not recognized as a career when I finished school so that wasn’t an option my parents favoured and they paid for my studies so I had to go with an option they felt comfortable with. I must also add that the idea of becoming a beautician came after I let go of my dream of being a grocery packer at a supermarket. I was 3 or 4 and thought it to be a super important job. *laughing at the memory* Since becoming a SAHM I’ve done some beauty courses so I may always have something to fall back onto. Guys 2 retrenchments in a row is more than even I can handle but I chose to take the lesson that we (definitely me) need to be able to support ourselves when all else fails. In my experience facial threading was the best way to start. You don’t need any fancy equipment or products and can do it anywhere. All you need is cotton, baby powder and a wax after care lotion to soothe your skin. I prefer applying Witch Hazel as it’s a natural product. The cotton lasts very long too so by the time your first reel is finished you’d have made enough money to buy 10 more and pay for your next course or 2. It’s become very popular in South Africa so there is always work for you.

A VA is a person who does a whole array of administrative support services for various businesses. Examples of this includes (but not limited to): Appointment scheduling, correspondence (form letters), customer care, Internet Research: Search internet for data; Data Entry: Entry of data into database, update database, create/update distribution lists; Content Management: Create emails/manage using Email Marketing (such as Constant Contact), newsletters, Social media Articles/Blogging: Use your content or research topics and write copy for Articles and Blogs, submission and marketing; Accounting: Light bookkeeping, client invoicing. Communication is accomplished through email and the phone instead of face to face. It’s a bit tough to do as many companies hasn’t warmed to the idea as yet as it is a relatively unknown concept in South Africa.

Nurturing a seedling business is hard work. Networking is great but forming relationships with clients and potential clients is a bit tricky because many clients are skeptical. Given time and referrals I’m sure I’ll be in demand in no time. Thus far clients are happy so I must be doing something right. Right? False modesty aside, I’m good at what I do and wouldn’t attempt to do it if I sucked.

Finding a decent job has been very difficult therefore I’ve decided to focus all my attention on my little business/es for now. Three decades and some odd years into life I’ve made another declaration of independence. Instead of looking for or ending up settling for an unfulfiling job, I’m going to be a successful business woman. A butternut eating business woman. I happen to love cousin butternut. Yep, I’ve never acquired a taste for pumpkin, *quivers at memories* (but will eat if someone dishes me some when I’m invited for a meal somewhere. You know, manners and all.) I’ve got the full support of the hubster so I’m doing this. It would be great to leave a legacy behind for K3 while I’m at it.




PS: I don’t eat ice cream for breakfast. Sensitive teeth problems and brain freeze is not the way I like to start my day. But I’ll have cake (preferably with lots of icing) for breakfast any day.

Have you ever made declarations of independence? How relevant is it to your life today?


7 thoughts on “Declaration of Indepence

  1. Good article, Celeste. I need to make an appointment with you so you can tame my unruly bushy brows. Other than K3 we have much in common. But then we always did, didn’t we? Have loads in common, that is. 🙂 I wish you success upon success because I know whatever you put your mind to happens. You’re stubborn like that. In this regard, stubborn is good. Much love my friend.


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