How about more zen, less phobia?

Hi everyone

The past few weeks I’ve been avoiding the news and many social media posts because of the current state of our nation and the senseless hate crimes. On a daily basis I note images being posted and being one of those sensitive viewers I scroll right past it as quickly as I can. What sickens me the most is the fact that many of these images are probably not authentic and in our ignorance we share it for the world to see. It creates a chain reaction of negativity causing people (who really ought to know better) to retaliate.

I agree that our nation needs saving and that we should all unite. The ways in which we’re doing it right now is not effective because all we’re doing is acting on emotion and spreading half truths. I encourage you to read the following post written by Brett Fish. It’s some food for thought on this Monday. I hope it makes you think twice about what you share and if it really is OK to share.

Let’s bring positivity back.

Irresistibly Fish


i get it, South Africa is in a bit of a mess right now, and that statement is a bit of an understatement.

And yes, xenophobia might not be the correct word, but it’s the one most people understand and so it does seem to work for now so please don’t let us get distracted by that.

With this whole Xenophobia vibe, there are two truths:

[1] One truth is violence, fear, destruction, hate

[2] Another truth is peace marches, shelter, protection and life.

The problem on social media this past week, as far as i can tell, is that for the most part only one truth has been emphasised.

While it is important for us to be aware of what is going on [i think we all are by now, yes?] i think we need to realise the responsibility each of us has in the way we share the truth…

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