50 Things That Makes Me Happy

Every once in while I used write a gratitude list of random things that make me happy. It’s been a while since I’ve done one and being a lover of listicles it’s rather odd. A few weeks ago I was inspired by a blog post from Harassed Mom and decided to type a list of my own. It really is not as easy as one would think so I really had to take time out and reflect on my life. I’ve long discovered that my happiness depends on me. Happiness does not seek me out as a companion, I need to actively pursue it at times.

So here goes in no particular order after no. 3:

1) Simply waking up in the morning and being able to see another day.

2) Waking up before my alarm. It always makes for a much more pleasant day.

3) Seeing Stompie everyday. Stompie is a bird who has made its home at Chez Jonkersville. It’s one foot (claw or whatever) is amputated and it has a distinct pattern shaped like a V which made us identify him/her. I wish I could show you a pic but Stompie appears to be camera shy 😦

4) NOMU Decadent Hot Chocolate. Admittedly I don’t drink the hot chocolate all that often but I do enjoy eating the pieces of dark choccies. It’s heavenly.

5) The smell of clean clothes.


7) My awesome relationship with my sisters. We are what they talk about when they say sister by chance, friends by choice.

8) Lip balm/gloss and nail polish.

10) Good coffee that I don’t have to make myself.

11) My teenage son who comes home from school everyday and tells me every single detail (except for breaks to the Johns) about his day from the time he left home the morning. He leaves at 6am so it’s a whole lot of details.

12) Music

13) Chicken soup. I used to think it a cliche but it’s got some mood enhancing qualities too.

14) Pedicures

15) Internet

16) Alone time when the hubster is at work and the kids at school.

17) Writing

18) Reading

19) Autumn

20) The smell of rain

21) Cous cous (ready in 5 minutes, need I say more)

22) Lip gloss, I said that already didn’t I? That’s just how happy it makes me.

23) Goodie bags filled with pretty much anything. I like surprises.

24) My 6yo daughter who wakes up with a smile every morning.

25) The ocean. It’s this mystical place with calming effects.

26) Laughter. The fact that I can laugh at most situations no matter how dire it may be at times.

27) Good hair days

28) Great friends

29) Sleeping

30) My 11yo daughter who is really very random and super funny.

31) Being able to adapt to any situation or crowd. I’m flexible like that.

32) Still having my gran with us.

33) My Jasper Conran boots. I can’t wait to start wearing them again.

34) Vacuum cleaners. I don’t like sweeping.

35) When the hubster cooks. I’ve crowned him Masterchef Jonkersville because sometimes I’m just lazy. Don’t tell him I said so…

36) Sunday afternoons. Cake and tea never gets old. Or at least my sweet tooth won’t allow it to.

37) Dancing. Alone and with my kids.

38) Crocs. It’s just so comfy. Oh and I don’t mean the ugly ones although I’m sure it’s equally comfy. They have some really cute pairs.

39) Good service at any retailer. Some people still take pride in their jobs.

40) Cafe Mocha from Checkers in Langverwacht. I’m not sure if I enjoy the Mocha or the service more… Both are equally satisfying.

41) Winning every single argument I’ve ever had with someone while I was in the shower. I’m not really a confrontational person so that’s where I let off some steam.

42) People. People just fascinate me and being a writer, most of my characters are found in people I come across.

43) Honesty.

44) Being able to Pay it Forward. The best life lesson my parents and family have taught me.

45) Not having body issues. I eat what I want and make healthy food choices for the sake of my health and not my figure.

46) The ability to do 200 squats and no longer walking like a new born calf after my workout.

47) Load shedding. As frustrating as it is at times, it gives us time to bond as a family and best of all there is no arguments over the tv remote.

48) Baking. It’s one of those things that relaxes me. I’m not very good at it but I’m not bad either.

49) Energy fragranced Sta-Soft Aroma Therapy fabric softener. The fragrance awakens a happy memory from childhood. The memory is quite blurry so I don’t have any recollection of it but the fragrance tells me I was in a happy place.

50) The hubster. He is the kindest, most loving husband and father and also the most annoying person I know at times. He’s real and keeps me grounded. Best of all, he loves me flaws and all.

Having finally completed my list, I have 50 more items that I can include. We all have so much to be grateful for everyday but life always happens and we lose sight of our blessing.

Today I challenge everyone reading this post to make up your own list of 50 things. Please share it with me too. I love knowing what makes people tick.


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