Acts of Kindness

You know that rushed feeling you experience when you wake up to notice you’ve overslept? Not by 5-10 minutes, but you’ve woken the time that you should’ve left home already. It makes for a mad dash and sets a terrible tone for the day. It almost seems like you’re doomed and that nothing will go right for the rest of the day.

That was my morning. I woke up less than an hour ago and metamorphed into the headless chicken the moment I jumped out of bed. I’m running around and barking our orders like it was the girls fault for waking late and we managed to get it all done in record time and still be on time for school. Kind of. Team work. I just love it when it all just works.

As we’re about to leave, I hear a car hoot outside but I pay it no mind because people hoot like it’s going out of fashion when they drive down our road. I’m sure there’s some sign on our fence that says “If you’re happy and you know it, hoot once. If you just wanna annoy the heck out of Celeste hoot twice.” Will have to check for signs and posters during the day. The 2nd K shouts from her room that it’s her bff’s mom and runs to check it out (and here is where the background music starts playing Haaaaleluyah! Haaaaleluyah! Haleluyah, Haleluyah, Haleeeeluuuyaaah!) It’s not bff’s mom but her dad and he’s come to give my girls a ride to school along with bff. My mad dash ends right here without me having to set foot out the front gate. No running to school and ruining my girls day by moaning and groaning. Peace reigns in Jonkersville.

I’m so grateful I want to cry. One tear, two tear… No, no, no… Blog about it instead. This was an act of kindness that should be shared because no matter how insignificant your good deed may seem to you, you never know how it affects the person on the receiving end. It was an instant mood enhancer as well and now my day has a new tone. In hindsight I really should not have declined 2nd K to make me coffee earlier. Coffee sure does taste a whole better if someone else fixes me a cup.

Spread the love and always remember to pay it forward 🙂


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