Getting Ready for The Weekend

My alarm, and my glutes, amongst other things is my kryptonite. Although I’m one of those annoyingly happy morning people, and I’m sure the hubster (who hates mornings) has been gagging me and plotting the murder of my happiness in his mind about a million times, 5am has never been my favorite time of day.

It’s Monday morning and I, along with most of our population, am still recovering from the weekend. The headache I just can’t seem to shake makes me wish I’d had a few drinks (of the alcoholic nature) just so it could be justified. Luckily I don’t have to commute to an office away from home and face an intimidating boss or annoying colleagues. My already made bed is beckoning for my attention. “Lead me not into temptation, I can get there myself!” I say, not sure if I’m really expecting my bed to reply and possibly sulk, trying to convince myself that I don’t need to curl up again or just trying to justify that getting back in would do me good.

Then it hits me… That ‘weekend off’ I always hear single moms talk about will be me this coming weekend. I’m 4 short sleeps away from being just married with no kids. K3 (my 3 kids whose names coincidentally all start with the letter K) will be visiting my sister in the West Coast. Alone. How cool is that? Not hearing that horrid word “Mommy” for a couple of days has the instant effect of Myprodol and Redbull. Head gone and full of energy.

I’m so stoked that I just stopped my maid duties and started packing their bags. This way I’ll be sure that everything is packed and ready for them to leave after school on Friday. At least this is what I tell myself in order to not feel too bad about wishing it’s Friday already. Hey who am I kidding? I love my kids to infinity and beyond and I love them even more when they’re sleeping 😉 but TMO has never harmed any mom.

What a great start to my week and my day. Now I’m really wanting to send the hubster away too so I can be alone in the truest sense of the word. Hmmm… A girl can dream.

NB: Please note I have never taken a Myprodol with Redbull so I’d suggest you DO NOT try it at home. Can’t imagine that those 2 can be good together.


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