The State of our Nation

Let your voices be heard ladies and gents.


I’ve never been very political.

I didn’t study political science, not even a random 1st year module.

I don’t attend rallies or such gatherings, not even for the free t-shirt.

I don’t engage in conversations comparing the ANC to the DA, and what the EFF they are doing to COPE   #SeeWhatIDidThere

Hell, I didn’t even vote in the last election, because there was not a single political party who I had enough confidence in.

But last night…I’m still speechless, actually. Cellphone signals being scrambled so that news cannot get out. Armed police being called in to remove members. The DA simply walking out – apparently they all had comps for the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere.

We joke, but this is the state of our nation.

Last night, His Excellency (did you know that that was Zuma’s title? I never knew that!) addressed his beautiful country.

His speech raised so many questions…

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