Early Bird

I’ve been home for nearly 7 months and have been dreading getting up early again when school starts and worse yet for work when I do find a good one. Lazy much?! At least I got a practice round in this week and next week it’s full steam ahead, starting Monday. Thank goodness for weekends. I guess by the time I do start working it won’t be such a mission getting up at the crack of dawn. And again: Thank goodness for weekends. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to start living for them again real soon.

The excitement of taking my son to his orientation yesterday morning had me up bright and early. So early that I had two loads of washing done before leaving for school. Dressed my daughters for the occasion too, only to get to school super early. A whole day early in fact. The orientation was only today. To say that the clan in Jonkersville were mighty upset about getting up early for nothing is putting it mildly. I don’t think I’ll be hearing the end of it any time soon.

Turns out that getting up early if you have a purpose is not that bad at all. This morning we repeated the process of getting up early but this time it was my son and I only. We tackled it with the same measure of enthusiasm as the day before but with much more emotion. I found that leaving him at high school was worse than his first day at primary school. Yes, I’m one of those cry baby moms. Not cool if you’re the kid of a sensitive mom, but worse for the sensitive mom who has to suck it up and be brave. “Smile. And. Swallow. Your. Tears.” Was my mantra while I waved goodbye to my son this morning.

Said son is growing up so fast and it’s daunting. I’m told that kids between grades 8 and 10 tend to rebel and that it’s the experiment ages. Peer pressure and all kinds of negative influences are the order of the day and this is where I need to be vigilant. Let’s hope that the saying ‘PJ drills have nothing on parenting teenagers’ does not ring true for our household. Let’s also hope that the hubster and I have the strength and wisdom to face whatever trials we may face in the next few years.

Just like that my school year has officially started. My schedule is already planned. The past two days has kind of prepared me for the year and the holiday is but a memory. Now to get those school books covered. Yes, I’m the mommy that still covers school books but in my defense: I’m a bookworm and my love affair with books runs so deep that I can’t stand ugly books. It really has nothing to do with helping the kids.

Now for the next order of business and that’s to change my job status. Hopefully there are still some companies left who don’t ask for mugshots so they can judge me on a stupid pic before even meeting me in person. And while I’m at it I may just decide to research why companies require pics when they post the ads. There’s got to be some method to the madness besides judging a book by its cover.

Happy weekend 🙂


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