13 Days Late – Happy New Year

It was just a few weeks ago that we were counting sleeps for Christmas and then again for New Years. Now the long awaited festive season is over. Another week to go and the school year will be upon us.

On the 13th day of 2015 I’m wondering whether or not I should attempt to make some resolutions. I’m still stuck on the ones I made in 2008, so I guess that’s a no go for me. Do I plan on being the best me I can be for this year? You bet I’m going to strive for that, but it has more to do with me and less to do with the self imposed pressure of the ‘new-year-new-person’ trap many people fall into. This trap usually sets us up for disappointment and possibly heartbreak and before you know it’s mid year and you here people say things like “This is definitely not my year” or “I can’t wait for this year to end so I can start afresh.”

I used to be one of those people until I had my ‘AHA!’ moments. I say moments because it was no singular experience that led me to it and it definitely didn’t happen in one day. There’s been some victories, trials and introspection (lots and lots of that). My conclusion to the ‘AHA!’: Everyday is a gift and a new beginning. Some days are better than others but I decide how I’m going to allow it to affect me. (I should probably tell you that my mind does not always allow for me to take the bad with the good very well and I’m often very juvenile about it.) It’s always during tough times that the voice of maturity tells me to breathe, focus and see the silver lining. (By voice of maturity I mean my gran. That woman is so wise.)

Mind you I saw the silver lining in 2014 without gran’s intervention. I traded a well paid job for the unemployment line and got to spend time with my family. It also gave me the opportunity to go for short courses in beauty therapy. I learned to drive too amongst other things. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Oh and I’ve started growing my hair without having to worry about having bad hair days at the office. About now I’m guessing you can see how being unemployed was a blessing in disguise to me. Admittedly, I only saw the blessings when I finished my tantrum that is. Thankfully it came sooner rather than later. I mean seriously, there was no way I would make a difficult decision that would impact me and my family financially and not be cut up about it. But, I got over it.

These days, instead of making resolutions, I make goals and reachable ones. It’s done a few times a year and reviewed often too. It comes with being a mom. They say that one should lead by example so instead of just preaching, that’s one of my ways of showing my kids the practice side of things.

Here’s a few things I think I may just do in the next few months in no specific order:

Finally obtain my driver’s license
Get a job that I love (one can hope)
Sleep more
Write and publish short stories (maybe submit it to a local magazine and get paid for it)
Pole dancing (as a sport! And also depending on whether or not my hands will participate)
Not cut hair for at least 6 months (by far the toughest goal of them all)
Do an online short course
Maybe get into photography
Spend less time on Pinterest

Whether you’ve made some resolutions for 2015 or set goals with checklists like me, don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go according to plan. I’ve learnt that the pressure we put on ourselves is often worse than the pressure we think others put on us. If your plans don’t go the way you expected it to, be flexible enough and go with it. Don’t spend too much time analyzing what went wrong. Execute Plan B or move on. As easy as that. If you fail today be bold enough to try again tomorrow because if you wake up in the morning and get to experience another day you are blessed to see another day and it’s by God’s grace that you’re alive and well. Always remember that.

All in all, Happy New year everyone. Have a fantastic 2015 😉


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