I’m still here

There has been some serious neglecting on the blogging front for the past few weeks, but I am proud to announce that I am back and have so many other exciting things I have to share. Starting now. Or let’s make that tomorrow. Eskom is load shedding with a vengeance and battery power is just not on my side right now.

This year, November was a very exhilarating month for me. I’ve been writing to my heart’s content for NanoWrimo and am proud to announce that I have a novella! I’m not ready for the outside world to read it yet, because like any other writer the editing is a big pain.

It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it this year. Being home has given me time to write at any given time. Maybe I have too much time on my hands because I’ve edited A. Lot. But hey, I’m hoping to publish it online so I’m going to have to introduce myself properly to any potential reader. You never know, I may just become an author in real life.

My hubster grew a moustache for Movember and I’m proud to announce that he’s actually lasted longer than any other year with facial hair. I wanted to do no shave November too but walking with hairy legs is not really my thing.

In the meantime, the school year is coming to an end and I’m delighted to announce that both my son and daughter once again bagged Maths awards. I am the proud mom who claims that my kids got their brains from their mom. It never gets old.

My son has achieved much more than a Maths award this year. He was also awarded a scholarship with the Kay Mason Foundation and was accepted at a brilliant high school. He doesn’t seem to be too focused on the present and if he could wake up to the new school year tomorrow morning he would be stoked. Yes, I am raising two nerds. (And no, the kids don’t take after me but don’t tell the hubster I said so.)

Aside from my kids academic activities, they also belong to a band. The NGO LoudAbility has been doing amazing works in our community and teaching kids to play musical instruments. The kids have been rocking the stage for the past three years and when I say they’re awesome, I don’t mean it in a ‘kids concert’ type of way. They are awesome in a “I’d genuinely pay to go and watch them” kind of way. Six weeks ago their music director asked me to do a speech for their concert. Last night was THEE night and the only words I remember saying is “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It’s a huge honour and a privilege for me to stand before you this evening.” The carefully planned and written speech didn’t quite pan out but the words I uttered came from my heart and my heart’s cup is running over.

My son also had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the Kings of Chaos band members today (thanks to the Kay Mason Foundation) and got an autographed guitar from the band. It still feels surreal to all of us.

These are but a few of the exciting things that’s happened while I was away. Besides my kids achievements I have some experiences that simply cannot go unshared. If I had to have my own slogan it would definitely be ‘EXPERIENCES (good or bad) SHOULD BE SHARED’ so watch this space…

Bye for now 🙂


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