Time Flies

I remember going to bed on Sunday night and all of the sudden it’s Friday today. Where has the week gone? It’s passed in a blur and what seemed to be at the top of my priority list last week (Blogging University) has now become my last thought. This week has had me wondering whether I’m Arthur, Martha or Mary-Ann.

It’s the final school term which means that instead of winding down, we’re on full blast with rounding up the activities for the past year. The hubster and I have to cart the kids around and juggle our time to accommodate each of them. There is a certain kind of high to it and I would be lying if I said that this isn’t the most exciting time of the year. Throughout the year I’m more of the silent partner who does things behind the scenes because said kids are at the age where they (and I quote) ‘don’t really need mommy to always be there and fuss.’ This is however the time when I get to put my active parenting skills to work.

The eldest two have music classes and an upcoming concert. Something I look forward to every year. I can see my kids rocking the stage with their instruments and vocals and me (their biggest fan) cheering them on. I’m a bit nervous for my son’s solo this year because his voice has changed and I just can’t imagine him singing anywhere else besides the shower right now. They practice nearly everyday now and I feel sorry for the poor souls because they don’t have much down time. This year I’ve been asked to do a speech at their concert. It is a huge honour and privilege to make a speech and I started working on it immediately after they asked me to do it on Tuesday. Writers block settled in the moment they told me that the concert will be filmed by a local tv channel. As if speaking in public isn’t daunting enough. I suppose the universe is giving me the opportunity to practice what I preach (about confidence) to my kids all the time. There’s just no fun in imagining anyone naked at this point in my life so I’ll have to think of another way of overcoming stage fright.

I’ve had to plan their market day for next week too. There’s no way I’m letting Murphy ruin it with all kinds of laws. I shudder to think what may well go wrong if I leave it to next week with my luck.

To add to my existing list, my son is going to high school next year and we have attend all kinds of meetings, orientations and auditions at his new school with him. Thus far the entire week has been dedicated to fulfilling duties of that nature and so will the next few weeks. You’d think that enrolling your kid at a good school is enough and that’s where it ends until the next school year begins. Actually as I’ve discovered, it’s an ongoing process and one I’ll be doing for at least another twelve years.

Now I can handle having to run around for my kids everyday but having to run after my money is a total different ball game. Some company debited my bank account for an unknown reason and after trying to hunt them down for a few days and hitting dead ends I resigned myself to the fact that I’d been scammed. Along with a few other people I know of, I’ve become a banking scam statistic. I don’t like going to the bank EVER because it takes forever especially at month end but this was an exception well worth the time and effort. My bank immediately reversed the funds back into my account. Whew! What a relief.

NaNoWriMo is starting in just a few hours and I have yet to decide which of the three stories I have in mind will make it to the final cut at midnight. I have edited my novel title and synopsis a few times this week and still have no cooking clue. I guess I’ll leave that to the ‘pen’ to decide. Luckily I’m not a pantser and have dedicated this week to plotting and planning more on each of my ideas.

With all that’s been on my plate this week I haven’t really had time to blog daily and that’s not what I had in mind when I started at Blogging University. I was a bit disappointed in myself all week but then realised the reason I started blogging in the first place. This is my space to unwind and reflect on who I was, am and who I want to be. This is my journey in life and my experiences. This is also my platform to practice doing what I love doing most of all. Writing. Hopefully I can somehow inspire someone someday.

Let’s hope that next week I remember that my name is actually Celeste and that I have a normal run of the mill week (I could actually settle for an utterly mundane week too). Here’s to not being scammed, trying to write a blog a day, be in full #NaNoWriMo swing with my word count being a steady 1667 words per day, staying at home for at least one whole day and staying sane.


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