Blogging 201 – My Blogging Goals

I joined the Blogging University to push myself and get into the habit of daily writing. There is nothing I love more than a challenge.

Writing daily is like getting my brain out of couch potato mode and dragging it off to gym. I would love to be a published author one day and what better way to achieve my goal than to practice, practice and practice.

Besides the daily prompt, my assignment for the day is to list three goals so here goes:

1. My number one goal is to become more techno savvy. I love writing but doing the admin on my blog is a huge obstacle that I would like to overcome. I have yet to master the art of adding widgets etc. There are so many other aspects I haven’t even heard of but conquer them, I will.

2. Raise awareness/Advertise my blog/brand and increase readers count. Also engage and interact with those readers.

3. Completing the task and making a success of it. I have a habit of starting a new venture and losing interest midway which results in me quitting.

It’s early days yet, but I have learnt so much already. I’ve discovered that I can share some of my posts to Facebook so that my friends and family can see that (a) I am a blogger and (b) Learn what my views are on certain topics and get to know the uncut version of me. Already I’ve had more reader. This may seem simple to someone who knows the ins and outs of blogging but writing a good piece and posting it is two totally different things to me. So far one milestone has been reached in a list of many.


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