Shake It Off

Taylor Swift is not one of my favourite singers ever but I’ve found new respect for her when I listened to her new song Shake it off. The song has grown so much on me that I’m actually doing another take on her other songs. Hopefully I learn to appreciate all her art.

It proves my theory of people being responsible for what they say about me but I’m responsible for how I interpret it or react to it. Needless to say whatever people say about me is not open to MY interpretation, I should just shake it off. It should be treated as a go straight to jail- do not pass begin card in Monopoly.

While I should be so lucky to have haters (hahaha I don’t think I’m that special to have any, but in case I do), their opinions are just that. It’s theirs and nothing I say or do will alter their opinions. My non-fanclub extends only as far as the judgy types and those I gladly take shaken and not stirred.

It’s easier said than done sometimes but a useful skill to acquire in this frivolous world we live in with even more frivolous people who surrounds us. If you know who you are then what other people think really shouldn’t matter.

*Singing at the top of my voice* SHAKE IT OFF, SHAKE IT OFF!!!


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