Vanity Insanity

A couple of days ago I wrote my learner license test for the second time and passed it once again. The plan was to make my drivers license appointment on the same day and not waste any time as I did before and have it expire on me again.

Unfortunately I had no decent mug shots with me and my hair was not done either so I didn’t dare take pics looking like I did. Like the case of my ID book I didn’t want to take the risk of having an ugly pic on an official card. A girl can only have that many hideous pics of identification and my ID is more than enough.

You may call it vanity insanity and I may just have passed on the opportunity for getting the earliest test appointment but hey at least I’ll have more time at my disposal to tweak my driving performance.

The plan is to get all dolled up and go tomorrow. Let’s see how that pans out. Come to think of it I may as well take more than enough pics and have it on hand for when I apply for the new ID card. OK-ish pics will do fine I suppose but let’s hope I get the perfect pics 😉


1 thought on “Vanity Insanity

  1. I totally understand! Can’t wait for next year to get a new pic on my driver’s license(nasty) and I want to be sure I look good for the ID card lol.


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