DIY Diva In The Making

To those who may not know much about Pinterest, it’s an online pinboard where you can pin items or ideas on virtual boards and read later. You can find anything from household tips to fashion and beauty, diy, crafts, gift ideas, decor tips and and and… Before you know it you’ve spent hours pinning (or maybe that’s just me) and be amazed at all the beautiful, funny and amazing things and ideas (again, it may just be me) you may come across. No wonder Pinterest has become my new Google.

So I’ve been pinning like crazy for a while and must say that: I. Am. Addicted. If Pinterest had a tv commercial I’m fairly certain it would much be like OLX’s. I can imagine voices saying “Pin it!”

Even though I don’t pin everything I come across, this selective memory of mine remembers some pins without pinning it. A while ago I came across a humorous ecard that said “Pinterest can turn a ho into a housewife”. Funny ha ha… But, Inspired much? Bingo. Though I must mention that I wouldn’t quite make it as a ‘ho’ even if I tried, I do believe that with the help of some brilliant pins I may just turn into somewhat better form of a housewife.

I’ve got this crazy idea of attempting to do at least one thing on one of my boards per week. Maybe if time permits I’ll do more, but then again we’ll have to see about that. If not at all, then at least I’ll know that I seriously have a problem with hoarding and my habit has extended into the virtual realm. I may just have to toss my cookbook collection (yes I own those too) along with other items I thought may serve some future purpose and delete my Pinterest account. Period. Ha! Who am I kidding? I’m a hoarder and as addictions go I’d probably need some therapy first.

In all seriousness I’m going to give it a go to Try and Test those pins that interests me and give my inner diy diva a bit of a run for her money. You may just be inspired to give it a go too. Or at least you’ll know WHAT NOT TO TRY. Don’t be surprised if you see some weird and wacky pics in here real soon.


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