Waiting to Exhale

Life is a constant hustle and bustle. Whether you’re married with none, one or a gazillion kids, or even a singleton, there is one thing we have in common and that is 24 hour days. It just never seems like enough time. Thinking about our to-do lists is so overwhelming that we often procrastinate for a while. That while may give us some breathing space but if it’s on that to-do list you’d best believe that you’ve gots to do it some time or the other. So where do we find time in our busy lives for relaxation? Is there a magical pause button we seem to be missing?

Some of us (me excluded) are so organized and have mastered the art of time management and find relaxation easily. Then some of us (mostly ME) just don’t know whether we’re Arthur, Martha or Mary-Ann at times. I often find myself literally running from the clothes line to check on whatever is cooking on the stove top, have a hasty conversation with my 5 year old (which means agreeing to whatever she has to say without actually listening), reply to an IM and take a quick pause before remembering the washing I haven’t hung out yet. Like today… Midway through writing this, I remembered all the above and the rush continued.

Ever since I ventured into this grown up business I’ve been busy. The vicious cycle never ends and there just isn’t enough time to relax. Though I know the meaning of relaxing, I find myself in a place where I don’t know how to do it. Seems like I’ve reached a stage where taking an hour out to do nothing seems like an waste of time. Crazy much…

My to-do list seems to go to infinity and beyond. As soon as the lights are out and I attempt a mental checklist of all I’ve accomplished, I remember all the things I was supposed to do and still want to do pops into my head.

It’s exactly at that point when I taking a deep breath and exhale. A girl has to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll be the good wife, the kick ass mom, the friend and confidant etc.


5 thoughts on “Waiting to Exhale

    • Hmmmm… I’m nowhere near getting organization down to pat. It does help to write everything down. Although I must admit that I’m forced to make lists and plan because if I don’t I won’t remember a single thing. Scatter brained and all. As for learning to switch off… I’ll probably do that when I’m pushing up daisies one day.

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