The devil I don’t know?

A few months ago I was faced with a life altering decision by my former employer. It was a choice between the devil I don’t know and the devil I know even less about.
In a nutshell, I was to pack up and move to Jozi or be a housewife.

While the thought of venturing out of my comfort zone and experiencing a new world certainly appealed to me (a whole lot), the practicality of packing my life (along with my family) and leaving my support system behind tore me in two and a whole lot of fears sprung to the surface.
Fears ranging from: Will we be able to afford the lifestyle changes in a new environment? How will my teenage son and pre teen daughter adapt to the fast paced life there?
The list of cons went on and on while the only pro was that I’d still have a job.

In the end I settled for the devil I thought I knew. Be a housewife. Going from being a working mom and spoiled wife to a hands-on homemaker and full time mom. I mean how difficult could that be right? I figured my only challenge would be keeping boredom at bay.

Turns out it’s not that easy at all and it certainly is turning out to be the devil I know less about. I don’t even have time for boredom. Talk about a rude awakening.

This is my adventure now and two months into it I think I may just be on to something here. If I don’t manage to get this right though, I’d like to order my straight jacket in hot pink. *wink wink*


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